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Austin Chronicle Picks ‘Truland’ for Summer Reads

Cult-of-Truland-1024The Austin Chronicle has included “The Cult of Truland” in its Summer Reading selections, praising the novel for its “satirical edge.”

“The Cult of Truland” is set in the world of celebrity journalism and follows the exploits of Jake Truland, “a hero for the post-Kardashian Age.”

“At first, The Cult of Truland, set in southern California, reads like a frothy beach book, albeit with an undertow that grows stronger as it goes on,” Chronicle editor and reporter Michael King writes. But the book soon veers into more serious topics, exploring the behind-the-scenes practices of the celebrity press.

AustinChron“A dark thread runs through the otherwise lighthearted narrative,” King wrote.

“The Cult of Truland” is the first novel from Kevin Brass, who covered media for the Chronicle from 2004 to 2010. His columns and analysis of media issues have also appeared in Ozy, the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Magazine.

“Brass has traveled the world and soaked up a wide range of pop culture, and it sparkles over the edges of his first novel,” King wrote.

Read the full review here.

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Celebrity Journalism Takes Center Stage on National Radio Show

“The Cult of Truland” author Kevin Brass was a guest recently on the nationally syndicated “The Big Biz Show” to talk about Brian Williams, TV news and the state of celebrity journalism.

BigBizShowMr. Brass joined veteran entertainment journalist Fred Saxon and co-hosts “Sully” Sullivan, Russ T. Nailz in a far-ranging discussion, including the recent controversy about Bill O’Reilly’s resume claims.

“The Cult of Truland,” Mr. Brass’ first book, is a satirical novel set in the world of celebrity journalism. The humorous, fast-pace style has drawn comparisons to Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard, with many readers focusing on the media issues raised by the story.

Mr. Brass has covered media for the Los Angeles Times, San Diego Magazine and the Austin Chronicle, earning awards and critical acclaim for his analysis and commentaries. He is a regular contributor to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and a variety of other publications.

Check out videos of the show:

Part Two:

Praise for “The Cult of Truland”

“A trifecta — funny as hell, cautionary and filled with jaw-dropping thunderclaps . . . If you dig Robert Crais and Elmore Leonard, you’ll enjoy Brass’s wild dive into the drowning pool of Big Time fame.”
– Bill Minutaglio, former People Magazine bureau chief, author of “Dallas 1963” and “City on Fire”

“An amazing voice… [the] style reminds me of Elmore Leonard.”
-Houston Writers Guild

“Smart, insightful, contemporary and witty commentary on the modern media condition, come to life with a compelling character along with a fun cast of characters. A delightful read.”
-Paul Taublieb, Emmy-award-winning producer

“The main character is a trendy, smart writer who gravitates towards TV cameras and celebrity-tracking websites like a gambler to a poker game.”
-Del Mar Times

‘Truland’ Launches With Events in San Diego

Del Mar event_MayorsGlowing Sand Media’s “The Cult of Truland,” a novel set in the world of Hollywood and celebrity journalism, was formally launched to the public in recent weeks with events in San Diego and Del Mar.

The formal kickoff event was held at the Del Mar Library, a fitting setting. A large part of the book is set in Del Mar, which has a long history as a getaway spot for Hollywood celebrities.

Del  Mar event_SpeakingTwo former mayors of the city attended the event, which was billed as, “A Night of Celebrity and Media.” The local newspaper, the Del Mar Times, profiled author Kevin Brass in an article titled, “Del Mar Native’s Novel Examines the Glorification of Celebrity.”

Mr. Brass has also been speaking to book clubs and private events in San Diego, discussing the book’s depiction of celebrity journalism and modern media practices.

IMG_1849“The book is meant as a fun read, but it explores very real issues about the ethics and influence of celebrity journalism,” Mr. Brass says.

Early reviews have universally praised the book’s behind-the-scenes characterization of Hollywood and the fame-related media, in addition to the humor.

“The Cult of Truland” is a contemporary satire in the page-turning tradition of Christopher Buckley and Carl Hiaasen. Set in the world of Hollywood and celebrity media, it tracks the scandals, crimes and lustful relationships of paparazzi icon Jake Truland, a true hero of the post-Kardashian age.

First Reviews for ‘Truland’ Cite Celebrity, Media Angles

ElvisThe early reviews are in for Glowing Sand Media’s first release, “The Cult of Truland,” and readers are unanimously responding to the book’s insights into celebrity, media and Hollywood.

A contemporary satire in the tradition of Carl Hiaasen and Christopher Buckley, “The Cult of Truland” traces celebrity journalism’s coverage of fame-obsessed Jake Truland, described as “a hero for the post-Kardashian age.”

The book “captures an insider’s view of the frenetic pace and competition in the land of celebrity-obsessed culture insightfully and packs it with humor in virtually every page,” wrote one reader.

Another Amazon reviewer wrote, “I liked the ‘behind the scenes’ kind of access to the paparazzi world, that’s not something you hear much about.”

“The Cult of Truland” was written by Kevin Brass, a longtime feature writer and columnist for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. Mr. Brass spent lengthy stints covering Hollywood and celebrity for People Magazine and “Access Hollywood,” the nightly entertainment news show.

“It’s meant as a fun read,” Mr. Brass said. “But I hope it also reveals the questionable methods and ethics of celebrity journalism, which we see seeping into traditional media.”

Amazon reviewers have also responded to the book’s humor. Several readers used the phrase, “laugh-out-loud funny.” More comments:

“A wonderful read…just twisted enough, absurd enough, culturally and socially satirizing enough, intelligent enough, and strange enough to keep me reading and reading.”

“Satirical, laugh-out-loud funny, spot-on characters – a rollicking good read. Highly recommended as a fun, easy book but one with something to say. I’m sure this will be on my ‘best of 2015’ list.”

“Every line rings true and is laugh out loud funny.”

“Filled with chuckles and well-timed guffaws, this amusing book roams through the absurdities of cultivated celebrity.”

“A true comedic tour de force…”

“Smart, insightful, contemporary and witty commentary on the modern media condition…”

See the full list of reviews here.

‘Cult of Truland’ Offers Inside Look at Celebrity Journalism

tCot-BookCover-FINAL (250 x 386)The first release from Glowing Sand Media is “The Cult of Truland,” a satirical novel offering an insider’s look at the world of celebrity and celebrity journalism.

Written by veteran journalist Kevin Brass, “The Cult of Truland” tracks the “scandals, crimes and lustful relationships of paparazzi icon Jake Truland, a true hero of the post-Kardashian age.” A mysterious chain of events puts Jack in the spotlight and creates a media frenzy that spins out of control.

Part satire, part mystery, part celebrity expose, “The Cult of Truland” is a page turner that has drawn comparisons to Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen.
“It’s meant as a fun read,” Mr. Brass said. “But it also deals with very real issues about celebrity and celebrity media, as well as our obsession with fame.”

This is the first novel by Mr. Brass, a veteran feature writer and columnist for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and a wide variety of publications. His analysis and commentaries on media trends have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, San Diego Magazine and the Austin Chronicle.

Mr. Brass also has a long history of covering Hollywood, movies and celebrity, including lengthy stints with People Magazine and “Access Hollywood,” the nightly entertainment news show.

Learn more about “The Cult of Truland” and read an excerpt here.