72You have a book. It’s good. But there are no vampires, cagey detectives or hunky werewolves. Traditional agents and publishers aren’t interested. Author companies and vanity press outlets simply want your money.

Glowing Sand Media is the alternative. Glowing Sand fills the gap between traditional publishing and the array of money-sucking service companies.

Glowing Sand’s business model is based on a partnership between publisher and the professional author. We bring together the resources to finish and create your book — to not only publish it, but make it something special. This is not a cookie cutter service.

But Glowing Sand’s relationship doesn’t end there. Glowing Sand is your publisher, in the traditional sense. The book is published under the Glowing Sand imprint, including a Web page for the book and an author’s blog. Glowing Sand helps market the book and work with you to succeed. But you retain the copyright and full control of the book.

Glowing Sand wants to offer you a home, a partner. We understand the complexities, emotions and passions behind publishing your book. We are your consultants, your sounding board and your collaborator. You are not alone. Our connections and resources are your resources. You succeed; we succeed.

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