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Travel: Miami Beach, the Hot Mess of Beach Destinations

Miami Beach lifeguard towerMiami Beach remains one of the most popular beach destinations in the world. The question is, why? “The modern Miami Beach of smoked-glass towers and designer shoe stores wants to be Ibiza, but it often seems more like the Las Vegas Strip on 99-cent shrimp cocktail night,” Kevin Brass writes in a new article. “On a typical evening, the sidewalks of Collins Avenue are filled with hordes of sweaty, shirtless frat boys and women in bikinis, aimlessly moving from hotel to hotel, much like any night on the Strip.”

Yet, Miami Beach still has its charms. Only in Miami Beach does heartland America get to sip mojitos on the beach with an invigorating mix of Kardashian-wannabes, Euro trash and designer chefs looking for gigs mixes. The reality of Miami Beach is much better different than the TV version, but “the hot mess of  sunny beach destinations” remains one of the great beach destinations.

“Through it all, Miami Beach remains one of the great beach vacations in the United States,” Brass writes. “If you want to wallow on white sand and sip drinks delivered by a helpful cabana boy, Miami Beach is the spot. There are moody restaurants and wild art displays and a feeling that you are in a special place, with a very specific vibe.”

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